KL Ambassadors

The Kris Ledgard Memorial Fund have a number of ambassadors that have been instrumental in taking part in a number of activities to raise funds and awareness in memory of Kris. With the continued support, the Kris Ledgard Memorial Fund will continue to raise awareness of cardiac health conditions in young adults and increase the frequency of screenings.

alexAlex Hosking

Alex was a close friend of Kris and has been the first to complete a fund raising event for the Memorial Fund. Alex started running in November 2013 and has set his sights on completing a number of running events. Alex is taking part in a number of events which are listed below:

  • Milton Keynes 10K 2013
  • Milton Keynes Marathon 2013

You can view Alex’s fund raising page by clicking here.

Follow Alex on Twitter @alex_hosking

Tom Comerford
tomcTom competes regularly to a national standard in track and cross-country over the last ten years. Kris was one of his closest and dearest friends. Once an athlete Tom used to race in sessions and competitions, Kris turned into the person he could turn to for advice and help. To Tom, Kris was always available to give him a post-session massage, or help with stretching and gym work. The void that has been left will never be filled, and through the Kris Ledgard Memorial Fund and CRY we can ensure that other athletes and young people can be protected against unseen cardiac problems.

Keep in touch with Tom by following him on Twitter @Tom_Comerford