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About the Kris Ledgard Foundation and Memorial Fund

The Kris Ledgard Memorial Fund was launched on 9 June 2013 by the Ledgard family  with the aim of it being a place that Kris’s family and friends can together remember what he achieved in his life. Through Memorial Fund we hope you can support us in reducing the frequency of similar young cardiac deaths and tragedies to that of Kris. 

The Memorial Fund works with CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) to raise awareness and increase the screening of people aged 14 – 35. To help CRY screen more young adults, under Kris’s name we hope to raise as much money as possible. You can help us achieve this by taking part in events and raising funds. 

We would like to thank all family and friends with their continued support and hope that you too can help us meet our goals.